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FTD projectified

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Following overwhelming[*] demand, FTD, the Flexi Trivial Directory editor, is now a project on

FTD is now available via
darcs get
or here.

Thanks to mailing lists are at:

While FTD has a lot of dependencies, they are pretty common libraries[] and it would be nice to know if it built and was able to get a directory listing on your system. Feedback to the devel list, please (:

* Not really.

I know, it’s that old ‘Common Lisp has too many libraries’ complaint…

FTD 0.0.3

Friday, October 20th, 2006

FTD screenshot

I resurrected FTD, the Flexi Trivial Dired, after some months’ hiatus. When I started the project last year it was to provide another ESA (Emacs Style Application) example, and to provide a test-bed for McCLIM application integration. Well, ESA was split out of Climacs anyway, and Clim Desktop made its appearance without a directory editor.

Still, it’s fun to see how much of the Emacs Dired functionality can be obtained by putting together a bunch of common lisp libraries. Documentation and downloading instructions can be found here.

Being an ESA, FTD inherits all of the cool help functionality built into the ESA framework. Unfortunately, ESA won’t write the documentation for you yet…

Help Apropos 'Mark'

A couple of things makes FTD actually usable (from a UI point of view) in this revision. First, I remembered to specify :allow for the :end-of-line- and :end-of-page-actions. And, second, Troels Henriksen pointed out, after a few seconds of looking at the code, that I was using the default #'eql cache test, even though I was comparing cache-values of freshly consed lists each time through the display loop. Correcting this test (to :cache-test #'equal) prevented McClim from redrawing everything each time I moved the cursor…

Comments and patches welcome (splittist at splittist com). If there is any real interest I’ll set up a proper project.