A year of living vi-rously

For reasons which are not apparent* even to myself (although I suspect it had to do with general contrariness mixed with regret for some arrogant comments from the past) I spent 2011 emacs-free. More than that, I spent it using only vi (or, rather, vim) to do my text – including program text – editing. Since I couldn’t get SLIMV to work at the beginning of 2011 – it is in much better shape now – I even gave up the wonder that is Slime/Swank.

I can report that, even for a duffer like me, it is possible to develop very efficiently with vi(m) and a repl running in another terminal. So there, old-splittist!

And just to make sure I’m not making any forward progress, I’ve switched back to emacs for 2012. Now my buffers are full of “jjjj” and “kkkk”…

* I do this a lot, don’t I?

3 Responses to “A year of living vi-rously”

  1. cofi says:

    Welcome back :) But you can always join the evil side: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/Evil

  2. raito says:

    I use a text editor and repl, too. It’s not a question of whether emacs _ SLIME is more productive — it certainly is. But I don’t know emacs well enough to make it more productive for me. And since I’d rather be writing code, I find it difficult to summon up the amount of time necessary to really make the emacs solution more productive, or eually productive, to what I do now.

  3. sergv says:

    If you miss modal editing or always wanted tweak in one or two editing commands into vim you could use http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/VimMode if you’re not afraid of spending some time polishing your configuration along with mode itself or already mentioned Evil which becomes better every day and provides more vimmy config but imho is a lot harder to tweak due to code inherited from vimpulse.

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