Twas a gorgeous day in Zurich leading up the inaugural resurrected Zurich Lisp and Stuff User Group meeting. (Clearly being in the telco business means you can re-order packets and acronyms.) The offices of Teclo were handy to public transport routes, and lightly scattered with expert assembled Swedish furniture and furnished with assembled Swedish experts. (That is, furniture assembled by folks with expertise in things other than assembling Ikea  furniture, some of which, the expertise that is, was gained in Sweden.)

An unexpectedly (to me, at least) large crowd arrived, united in their thirst for things parenthetical and lack of a bottle opener. Luke made good on the second with a deftly wielded business-card case, but they were to be cruelly taunted with respect to the first with Hans Huebner talking about how he didn’t build a Lisp-Machine-on-a-FPGA, and Luke giving a seminar on the performance characteristics of TCP at the interface between the mobile carriers’ networks and the internet at large. (Both very interesting talks, giving rise to some lively question and answer sessions.)

By this time the hour was approaching double figures, which is pretty damn late for the German-speaking part of Switzerland, so a hardy dozen-or-so adjourned to a local tapas bar and convinced the kitchen to feed us on left-over loaves and fishes.

Many thanks to Teclo folks for organizing this meeting. There is a clear and demonstrated need for these sort of get-togethers. Here’s to many more.

(Below a rare photo of Teclo’s Chief Scientist without his hand in the bowl of wasabi peanuts.)

Some of the Teclo team watch as Hans Huebner gives his presentation

Some of the Teclo team watch as Hans Huebner gives his presentation

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