Old #lisp Logs

For reasons which now escape me, I decided at or around ilc09 (how many different abbreviations can I use?) to learn javascript. Someone on #lisp very helpfully said “javascript is scheme”, which was my way in to the language. The baby rhino book from O’Reilly is deeply rubbish. By contrast, the butterfly book, Javascript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford, is excellent (thanks, Chris!). And short. Stoyan Stefanov’s Object Oriented Javascript isn’t too bad, either.

So, having discovered the delightful, dynamic, prototype-oriented, functional language hiding inside javascript I have completely ignored what little I’ve learned to scratch an itch of mine – to wit, browsing the #lisp logs from anywhere. After a couple of hours of swearing at $.ajax and mod_rewrite I have oll (see the title of this post) to play with.

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