ilc2009 – MIT Museum visit (and beer)

Seems some folks are going to meet inside the entrance to the MIT Museum at 3pm on Saturday for a (presumably lisp-focused) look around. There is talk of a pre-visit lunch at Miracle of Science around 1:30pm, and post-visit beer at Cambridge Brewing Company around 6pm.

4 Responses to “ilc2009 – MIT Museum visit (and beer)”

  1. Zach Beane says:

    Curse this metal body, I won’t be there until Sunday morning.

  2. splittist says:

    Zach, I’ll ask folks to leave at least two beers in the city so we can buy one for each other later in the week.

  3. Daniel says:

    I’m here at Miracle of Science, but I see no obvious signs of lispers. I guess I’ll just eat my quesadilla of despair alone.

  4. Phatang says:

    Pet Peeve #1 is the one that drives me crazy! I don’t know how many times the tehaecr in me kicks in at one of the parties I take my boys to and then I’m certainly the witch. My boys can get as crazy as the next child but they are mine. They know if I have to speak to them about their behavior while we are out, well they just get a lecture from me when we get home plus a priviledge taken away. Unfortunately I see parents being less responsible more often nowadays. It’s really sad. I love my boys too much to just leave them to themselves.Craig on the next vlog gets my vote too. I also agree with your friends comment about that wonderful smile that came across your face when you were holding Chicago dog. <3

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