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ILC 2009 – I’m going?!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Quite unexpectedly – to myself, at least – I’ve registered for ILC 2009. The title/theme/tagline is “The Next 50 Years”. Judging by the invited talks, the next 50 years seems to be reinventing CL in Scheme. (Although a 50 year estimate for R8RS doesn’t seem unreasonable.)

Not really sure what to do about the tutorials; I’ll probably end up listening to Pascal all day.

The Great Macro Debate “Are Macros a Menace?” seems a rather desperate attempt to gee up a controversy where there really oughtn’t to be one. On the other hand, if Guy Steele argues for the affirmative in terza rima it could be fun…

Predicted dark-horse highlight: Didier Verna’s CLOS efficiency paper. Predicted dead-horse lowlight: ALU Annual Meeting.

What else should I be doing in Cambridge/Boston while I’m there?