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Arc, Brucio and The Register

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Christophe Rhodes had tipped me to this, which some have not seen. The interesting part is in the fifth paragraph: “Unsurprisingly, the reaction has been mixed with some applauding how Arc strips the Lisp language down to its bare essentials.” Note who the applause comes from.

Test trial ZSLUG meeting 0.1 alpha

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Last night was the first ZSLUG (Zürich Scheme/Lisp Users Group) meeting at the Lion Bar. This turned out to be both a fantastic success – in that about 15 people turned up – and something of a failure – in that there were so many people it became impractical for Juho to complete his presentation on SBCL code coverage. The search for an alternative venue/plex is on…

Down my end of the table(s) talk was about R6RS and the social psychology of standardisation; ARC and the rôle of Paul Graham in the (Common) Lisp community; theoretical physics and the bandwidth requirements of CERN; performance characteristics of Bigloo, SBCL and Chez Scheme; why developing in Schemes other than Scheme48 is painful and the wonders of Slime; and the mystery of where all the lispers maintaining the Swiss International Airlines Limited application have gone.

I made a particularly unconvincing argument for the wonders of CLIM and Climacs. Must do better!

I was the first to leave, so things might well have broken up acrimoniously by the end of the evening, but judging on what I saw and heard I would have to say that ZSLUG has a great future ahead of it.