In praise of VBacs

For my sins I spend most of the (work) day in Microsoft Word. In order to make this experience bearable I turn off as many of the automatic mangling features as I can and install VBacs, which provides a basic set of Emacs keybindings for Word. This means I can C-x C-f, C-x C-s, C-s, C-r, M-%, M-w, C-y etc. to my heart’s content. VBacs doesn’t turn Word into Emacs, but it does help me concentrate on changing the text rather than where simple keybindings might be.

VBacs – give it a go if you’re sentenced to Word.

PS. Does anyone have a programmatic way to replace the furshlugginer automatic numbering in a Word document with its textual equivalents? (That is, replace the automatically inserted numbering “1.13” with the text “1.13”.)

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  1. Zach Beane says:

    We’re hoping for a VBAC for baby #2!

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