FTD projectified

Following overwhelming[*] demand, FTD, the Flexi Trivial Directory editor, is now a project on common-lisp.net.

FTD is now available via
darcs get http://common-lisp.net/project/ftd/darcs/ftd
or here.

Thanks to common-lisp.net mailing lists are at:

While FTD has a lot of dependencies, they are pretty common libraries[] and it would be nice to know if it built and was able to get a directory listing on your system. Feedback to the devel list, please (:

* Not really.

I know, it’s that old ‘Common Lisp has too many libraries’ complaint…

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  1. I’ve gotten FTD mostly working in 2015. Thanks for your effort on CLIMACS, CLIM and FTD. They’re going to make a great desktop experience.

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