Climacs Help

Climacs Help

Climacs has quite a few help commands now. The picture above shows Apropos Command (in the lower panel) and Describe Command (in the upper panel).

The interesting thing is that the upper panel was obtained by clicking on the “Kill Line” heading below. And the magic involved?

(present command
         `(command-name :command-table ,command-table)
         :stream out-stream)

when printing and

(define-presentation-to-command-translator describe-command
    (command-name com-describe-command help-table
                  :gesture :select
                  :documentation "Describe command")
    (list object))

to make it clickable.

Which just goes to show some of the cool things you get for free if you use CLIM.

The full list of help commands currently available is:

  • Apropos Command (C-h a)
  • Describe Bindings (C-h b)
  • Describe Key Briefly (C-h c)
  • Describe Command (C-h f)
  • Describe Key (C-h k)
  • Where Is (C-h w)

In fact, all these commands are part of ESA, and should therefore be available to any Emacs Style Application written using that framework.

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